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How To Upgrade Your Prawn Ring

The iconic prawn ring – a 70s dinner party staple and a fond Christmas memory for many. However, in terms of its culinary prowess, it remains a little lacklustre. Whilst no one can deny prawns are perfect on their own, there are a few things you can do to really impress with your shellfish starter this year.

Diversify Your Prawns

When it comes to a prawn ring, most people would stick to King Prawns and leave it as that. But who said you can only have just 1 type of prawn? Add some different seafood in for more variety. If you want to stick to just prawns, why not try some Argentinian Red Prawns for a soft texture as well as some Tiger Prawns for an impressive size, and then a final sprinkle of some coldwater prawns – perfect for little picking hands!. Each type of prawn has its own flavours and texture and by combining them together, you really can hero each type.

Experiment with Dipping Sauces

There are some classic dipping sauces you’ll always want to see by a prawn ring, particularly a good sweet chilli. However, give your prawns a little more excitement this year. Rather than just a Marie rose sauce, make a bloody mary sauce. The tobasco gives a lovely light kick with the rich earthy tastes of the other ingredients. If you like a fiery sauce, try an Indonesian sambal, which is particularly good with a larger and dense prawn such as a tiger prawn.

A Little Bit of Cooking

The lovely thing about a prawn ring is the ‘no-cooking’ element, however, a little bit of cooking can really add some interest in texture. Whether you go tempura or sticky and glazed, just remember that it is finger food. Don’t feel that you have to have all of your prawns hot and fried, just a portion to keep your taste buds happy.


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