How to Enjoy Seafood Al Fresco

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy al fresco eating as well as seafood- so combine the both with our top tips for al fresco seafood.

Seafood Barbecues

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than getting the grill on. We know the famous ‘shrimp on the ‘barbie’ but there’s much more you can do with shellfish on BBQ.

Scallops and Prawns are the perfect shellfish choices to put straight on the grill. Marinate them in garlic, herbs, and olive oil and let their beautiful flavours sing. They’re also great choices for putting on skewers with vegetables or halloumi for a mediterranean feel. Make sure to choose big and juicy prawns, such as our Big & Happy Tiger Prawns to ensure they don’t overcook on the barbecue.

You can even be a bit more experimental and cook mussels and clams on the barbecue. By using a big tin or foil on the barbecue with some cooking liquid (such as stock and wine), you can steam the mussels to cook them perfectly whilst still getting the smokey flavour. You can even smoked delicious prawns on the barbecue.

Seafood Picnics

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and enjoy the glorious British weather with a picnic. Creating the perfect picnic hamper is incredible important. Many people don’t think about including seafood, but its the perfect accompaniment and is more exciting than your typical ham and cheese sandwiches.

Incorporating seafood into your picnic hamper is easy. There are lots of different sandwich recipes you can consider including scallops and chorizo, roasted cod, and of course – the classic prawn sandwich!

There’s more to picnics than just sandwiches! You can prepare tasty seafood salads in jars and tupperware to keep it fresh. Make sure when you layer your salad, add the seafood and the dressing at the bottom before any lettuce or salad that could become wilted or soggy.

There are also lots of tasty snacks that you can include with seafood in your picnic hampers. Mix up the classic scotch egg by using salmon and prawns instead of sausage meat. You could even use quails eggs for a daintier version. Use a range of shellfish in picnic pies including hot and cold smoked salmon, prawns, and even crab – just like this crab and salmon quiche.

How do you enjoy your seafood al fresco?


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