How to crack a lobster

How to Crack a Lobster

Our Canadian lobsters are caught in the icy waters surrounding Prince Edward Island in the Northwest Atlantic. They are cooked and frozen straight from the sea so they are as fresh as when they were first landed. They have a delicate and sweet flavour, perfect for a gourmet dinner or the ultimate indulgent snack.

Lobster is healthy and delicious and should be included in everyone’s diet. To make enjoying this delicious shellfish even easier for you, we have prepared this simple 8 step guide on how to crack one. Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think!

1) Remove the claws from the body of the lobster by twisting off.

2) To remove the meat from each claw, crack with a nutcracker or tap lightly with a hammer.

3) Remove the tail by arching the back until it cracks.

4) Bending the tail flat, break off the bony flippers to get to the meat.

5) Use a fork to push the meat out of the tail.

6) Pull apart the shell to reveal the meat and discard the dark stomach sac.

7) Crack in half to open the remaining body and extract this excellent meat.

8) Use a lobster pick or skewer to remove the meat that is in the legs.

Now you are finally ready to cook some lobster, get cracking!


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