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How to Crack a Cromer Crab

Cromer crabs are commonly known as ‘brown crabs’ and are commonly fished off the Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire coasts. They are easily identifiable from a characteristic “pie crust” edge and claws and legs that are black tipped. We catch our Cromer crabs off the North Norfolk coast. We use small day fishing boats and baited crab pots, a longstanding tradition since the late 17th century.

Follow our handy guide on how to crack a Cromer Crab in 8 simple steps!

Cromer Crab Guide

  1. Remove the top of the shell by twisting firmly. Remove the stomach and the lungs from the shell.
  2. Now, remove the lungs off the sides of the crab’s body.
  3. Pull along the edge of the ridges on both sides, so that only the shell is left.
  4. Take the brown meat from the central part of the body, called cart meat, and put it into the shell.
  5. Remove the legs and the claws by twisting them, then set them aside for later.
  6. Cut the remaining body in three chunks. You’ll need a knife to cut through the bone. With the body cut in three parts, take all the white meat you can reach and put it into the shell. It’s important to make sure you get most of it, so use the most comfortable tool you have at your disposal to help you getting all the tender white meat out.
  7. Take the bottom section of the claws and remove the meat, again adding it to the shell.
  8. Bash the claws with your knife or with a flat mallet to crack them, then slide the white meat off and add it to the shell. Repeat this process on the knuckles.

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