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How Seafood Helps Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the largest growing diseases currently in the UK. A large part of Type 2 diabetes, whether it’s preventing or managing, is diet and a healthy lifestyle. Seafood is a great option for those at risk and even those suffering to help.

Why choose Seafood to help Diabetes

Having a balanced diet is crucial for everyone but there’s even more emphasis on this for those with diabetes. Seafood is a great option to your diet – it’s healthy, easy to cook, and tastes absolutely delicious. Easy swaps in your diet to include more seafood can dramatically help your health. In fact, it is recommended that you should eat fish twice a week. There is also a lot of science behind seafood’s helping hand in managing weight and diabetes.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Diabetes can often lead to other health problems. Chronic conditions, such as heart disease, have been linked to diabetes. Omega-3 fatty acids are incredible at reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and combatting heart disease. For anyone at risk of diabetes or currently living with it, an increased intake of omega 3 can prove worthwhile for their overall health and in mitigating current problems.

Low in Trans and Saturated Fat

Seafood is low in trans and saturated fats. This is key to the understanding of diabetes. Avoiding fats in our diets is not possible, but we have to make smart choices to have the ‘right’ fats. Avoiding trans and saturated fats is a must-do for those with diabetes. Fish is filled with unsaturated fats, therefore, supports your health by maintaining a healthy body and heart.

No Carbohydrates 

Type 2 diabetes is the result of the body struggling to process insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps the body convert glucose into energy, but when this isn’t possible, the glucose starts to build up in the blood. Having a high blood sugar level has serious repercussions to your health including heart disease, kidney disease, and even nerve damage. As seafood contains no carbohydrates, it doesn’t get broken down into sugars, therefore, your blood glucose levels won’t go up.

People who eat less seafood may have a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes, therefore, tackle the problem with your lifestyle first. Make the right choice with seafood.


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