Herbs & Spices to Cook with Lobster

When it comes to cooking lobster, many people can be scared of overpowering the delicate shellfish with too many herbs and spices. Whilst you want to make the most of your lobster, don’t sacrifice on flavour! Use these classic herbs and spices for a delicious meal every time.

These 4 different flavour profiles that are classic pairings with Lobster that can be achieved with different herbs and spices.


Bittersweet herbs, when used carefully, work in perfect harmony with sweet lobster. Tarragon is a delicate and bittersweet herb, but is still light therefore is great in a lobster sauce. Bay Leaves also have a slightly bitter taste and are great for flavour the lobster whilst its cooking.


Its understandable if you think that spice will overpower your lobster, but use it well and correctly, and your tastebuds will thank you. Cayenne pepper offers a gentle and warming heat with lobster. The sweet meat of the lobster is great with spiciness. Paprika is also a great option to spice up you lobster by being warm and peppery for an exotic flavour.


Lobster is naturally sweet so choosing herbs that reflect this is a good choice. Caraway seeds, for example, are sweet, aromatic, and earthy but with a powerful punch! If you do cook with caraway, remember a little goes a long way so make sure you don’t overload your lobster. The bright leaves of basil are sweet with savoury undertones and can elevate your lobster with a Mediterranean touch.


Citrus and shellfish is a match made in heaven and quite often you’ll find a little spritz of lemon or lime can lift your seafood. This citrus flavour can also be enhanced with different herbs and spices. Lemongrass is fresh, light, and ideal for adding to any Asian-inspired lobster sauce. It’s citrusy and tangy without any bitterness. Dill is also a fresh and lemony herb with a touch of aniseed. It’s versatile and aromatic, and a must-have for a classic lobster dish.


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