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Guide To Canadian Lobster: All Treats, No Tricks

Lobster might seem a little daunting, from cooking it to serving it, and the fear of wasting quite an expensive ingredient! Big Prawn have created the ultimate guide for you, from choosing the right lobster to ensuring its sustainability.

How to Recognise a Canadian Lobster

Canadian Lobster is the ‘King of Seafood’ and certainly the pride of the Atlantic. It has a long body and five sets of legs, including two large front claws. The claws will be of different size: one large, flat and heavy and the other is smaller and thinner. When raw, the lobster’s shell will be a brown-ish rust colour, which then turns a bright orange/red. If you’re choosing a live lobster, they should be active with a tail that curls. When it comes to eating, the stomach must be discarded, but everything else can be eaten.

Where are Canadian Lobsters Found

Unsurprisingly, Canadian Lobsters are found off the East Coast of Canada. Although lobsters are found in many areas of the world’s oceans, Big Prawn Company chooses the Homarus Americanus species. This species of lobster can be found from Long Island Sound to the southern part of the Labrador Sea. Adult Canadian lobsters prefer rocky substrates, but can also live on sandy and muddy terrains. In Canada, lobster is harvested and processed throughout the Atlantic Provinces: Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. Typically, lobster fishery takes place quite close to the shore. The waters of Atlantic Canada are divided into 41 Lobster Fishing Areas with various defined seasons from 8 weeks to 8 months.

When are Canadian Lobsters in Season 

Canada has staggered fishing seasons in order to protect the lobster and ensures the highest quality lobsters. There are essentially 3 seasons: spring (May-June), August, and December. The Spring fishery yield the best lobster for the hard shell and fully conditioned meat. It is the first catch after the lobsters come our of hibernation from winter ice, therefore, it’s at its fullest in terms of meat. If sea ice melts sooner or the sea warms sooner, the lobster cycle may start before the season.

Why Choose Big Prawn’s Canadian Lobster

The Big Prawn Company is dedicated to providing the UK with the best sustainably sourced Canadian Lobsters. Our lobsters are all part of the Spring catch, which guarantees they all weigh around 400g and have a lot of juicy meat on them. We quick freeze them, which means they are super cooled in liquid brine to really lock in the flavour and preserve their delicate texture. Last but not least, our Canadian Lobster is MSC certified, with a spotless track record for the whole chain of custody. Find out more about how we ensure sustainability here.

So don’t be afraid of the lobster, embrace it! It’s a truly special ingredient to share with those you love and the perfect Christmas treat.

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