Great Feedback for Big Prawn

We love listening to what you have to say about our products. We are proud that we offer delicious seafood that’s from sustainable sources and supporting global communities.

Recently, we sponsored our contributors, The Gills Gals, for their supper club. We provided them with our Indonesian King Prawns. Here’s what Gills Gals thought of our prawns:

“Everyone really raved about the prawns. They were so succulent and had a great texture. We used them in a tempura and the texture was great, some can dry out/become a bit rubbery but these didn’t at all. We had to keep going back to the kitchen and making more as they were so popular! Lots of people have asked for the recipe”

We also had a lucky competition winner who won 2kg of our cooked Madagascan Tiger Prawns! 

“The prawns were the best I have tasted in this country and Europe. I was a little worried as there were so many and wouldn’t keep. It was as if a hoard of locusts had descended. The plate was empty within minutes. There is no other frozen prawn that tastes anything like these. In fact I haven’t found a fresh one as delicious. And I travel regularly all over the world.”

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