Discovering High Quality Lobster

Many people worry about the quality of their lobster. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for knowing whether you have high quality lobster when you’re buying cooked lobster.

All Big Prawn products are processed at the highest quality to make sure it is fresh and delicious for you.

  1. The tail of your lobster should be curled underneath the body. Any tails that are floppy and weak will have an older taste.
  2. The shell of your lobster should be hard. If your lobster has a soft shell, it indicates that the lobster has recently moulted. As a resulted, the lobster will be full of water and the meat inside will be greatly reduced.
  3. Be sure to buy a decent sized lobster. For a good quality lobster, you should be looking at approximately 400g of bigger for the most meat. Buying anything smaller will just mean less delicious lobster, and more work to get it!
  4. Always look to see where your lobster was sourced from. If you can read about where the lobster was from and the processes involved, you’ll be assured you’re eating sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly seafood.
  5. Always check the condition of your lobster meat. The tail meat should a deep white colour with a sweet tasting flavour. The texture should be firm enough to cut into medallions, but not tough. You should be able to take the tail meat easily out of the shell. The meat within the claw and knuckle of the meat should be soft and flaky and certainly not dry.

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