Global Aquaculture Alliance

Who are the Global Aquaculture Alliance

The Big Prawn Company has always cared about the ethical sourcing and environmentally sustainability of all of our products. For us, it is more than a certificate or accreditation. It is about the ensuring the prolong enjoyment of seafood, in every aspect. We are proud members of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA). The GAA promotes responsible aquaculture practices through many different mediums, including education, advocacy, and demonstrations. Their commitment to responsible aquaculture is a passion shared by us at The Big Prawn Company.

The GAA is responsible for the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. This certification is a guarantee that the seafood products come from facilities that are environmentally, socially, andBAP GAA economically responsible. It aims for continuous global improvements in aquaculture practices against a science-based program. It is more than just sourcing as it focuses on the environment, social impact, food safety, animal welfare, and traceability. The Global Aquaculture Alliance looks at the entire aquaculture in consideration of farms, processing plants, and feed mills. This ensures that through every step, your seafood has been cared for.

The GAA holds conferences all around the world to unite all those with the same mission in mind. They provide insights and trends that shape the future of responsible aquaculture.

Staying true the their initial visionary principles set by GAA’s founding members, they’ve evolved with new technologies and potential emerging dangers to aquacultres. The GAA focuses on finding solutions to the problems faced within the industry. Through initiatives, funds, and campaigns, GAA makes a difference to individuals and aquaculture projects on the whole.

As members of GAA, The Big Prawn Company is an advocate and supports all its endeavours to improve the industry and status of aquacultures. We only use the best for all our products and always encourage everyone to care about where their food comes from, and who it may effect.

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