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Gin & Seafood Pairings

Gin has seen an incredible boom over the last few years. Bars have been inundated with a range of different flavours, tonic pairings, and garnishes. Typically, a gin and tonic is enjoyed before the meal, however, the drink can also be perfectly paired with different food – including seafood.

Fish & Chips

The thought of fish and chips may create memories of seating on a windy seafront and fighting of seagulls. It’s not normally the place you’d picture a glass of gin and tonic. However, gin and tonic can perfectly cut through the rich batter of the fish. It’s a refreshing sip of relief against the deep-fried goodness of the classic British dish.

Steamed Mussels

Gin works very well with flavours of fennel and liquorice as garnishes, so it’s a good idea to pair with food that does the same. Steamed mussels with white wine and chorizo is a great choice of a speedy low-fuss dinner that works with gin and tonic. The juniper of the gin matches the rich and salty seafood taste of the mussel.

Smoked Fish

The refreshing botanicals of a gin and tonic works perfectly with smoked fish, be it mackerel, salmon, or even prawns! How you choose to have your smoked fish can be helped with the garnishes on your gin and tonic. If you choose smoked mackerel pate, choose an acidic garnish such as grapefruit. If you’ve gone for spicy smoked prawns, choose a garnish that is delicate such as mint or raspberry. You can also use gin to cure delicate fish such as salmon for a beautiful starter.


Want to kick up your dinners up a notch of luxury? Choose a gin martini cocktail paired with oysters. The oysters perfectly compliment the decadence of a gin martini with strong alcohol and sweet vermouth.

Whenever serving gin and tonics with seafood, remember to be liberal with lemon! It works well with both gin and all seafood so don’t be shy to give an extra squeeze. Just like wine, every gin has its own distinct bouquet and flavour that you should look to pair with ingredients or dishes. For a general rule, find common ingredients or contrasting flavours in the gin and the dish you want to serve.



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