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Get Festive with Seafood

In her latest article, Claire Partridge reminisces on Christmases past and why it really is the most wonderful time of the year… seafood included heavily in this!

December is on approach… and I’m getting EXCITED. Not for Christmas shopping (I get far too stressed out by people fighting over the last selection box) but for the festive scents, the food, the mulled wine and the excuse to cover my home in red, green and gold items, free of all judgement.

Christmas for me is about getting around the table with the family and enjoying a feast that last several hours, with several courses… and several wines to go with it all. Give me crackers, festive table linen and candelabras and I’m in my element.

I love the traditions of the season – that some families make the same dishes year on year and serve them on the same dinner plates that have passed through the generations, whilst others enjoy the convenience of some of the delicious items you find in the supermarket, that come trayed up and ready for your oven. The remainder… myself included, see Christmas as an opportunity to try out new recipes as well as some old favourites.

Festive Seafood Favourites

Seafood usually features in our Christmas menu, the last few years I’ve made my homemade Scottish smoked salmon pate for everyone, as well as the oatcakes to go along side it.

There’s one dish I feel I should pay homage to, and that’s the prawn cocktail. A staple since the 1970s, it’s never lost its appeal… The Big Prawn Company’s ready-made version is great for novice cooks – just add shredded lettuce, layer up in a glass and sprinkle a little paprika on top, with a lemon wedge on the side and serve. My gran made it, my mum makes it and I also feel prawn cocktail has a place on my own Christmas table.

Then there’s the tiger prawn fan which I’ve mentioned in at least one previous article. Our family loves them… usually as an arrival snack, that gets passed around the lounge. Then the seafood sticks come out with a marie rose sauce dip… much healthier than a bag of crisps!

If you’re a bit more adventurous, scallops go wonderfully with black pudding and dressed rocket leaves, for a delicious and modern start to Christmas dinner.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in our family without a seafood starter… and don’t even get me started on the joy of Boxing Day, when there’s all those delicious leftovers waiting in the fridge for me.

Written by Claire Partridge – alter ego What Claire Did – a 30 year old blogger from Glasgow in Scotland who loves cooking, eating out and travel.


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