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Frozen is the New Fresh

There is often the idea that buying frozen is not as good for you, however, there are some key benefits that you should consider. With much technological advancement in the industry, buying frozen seafood really could be better than fresh sometimes.

Quality is King

The quality of frozen food is now better than ever. As restaurants and fine dining have become part of our every day lives, striving for quality as never been more important. Most frozen food products are ‘quick frozen’, which minimises any cell structure damage to the food. A recent survey questioned professional chefs and their opinions of frozen food. 86% of these chefs agreed that products are frozen at the peak of quality and 82% agree that the freshness is locked into frozen products. When it comes down to taste, there is little, if any, difference in quality for frozen vs. fresh. Foods such as fish are frozen within hours of being caught, therefore the quality and goodness of the product is locked in at its peak. Fish that’s sold as fresh can be in the supply chain for up to 14 days.

Reduce your Food Waste

Frozen food helps to reduce your food waste. Food waste is an important issue and we should all be continually trying to reduce food waste in order to help the environment and save money. On average, 21% of food waste arises from spoilage. With frozen food, this problem is eradicated. Frozen food has an average shelf life of 12-18 months, therefore, will not spoil before use like fresh produce does. Discover recipes to also help you reduce your food waste here.

Frozen is just as Healthy

Freezing is natural process that preserves food in its freshest state therefore it locks in the nutritional qualities, natural textures, and fresh flavours of food. Therefore, although frozen may be perceived as unhealthy, there is no significant nutritional difference in using frozen food against fresh food.

Easy Saving and Cooking

As frozen food is available all year round, planning your meals at home is much easier. This can also help with your budget as it is seasonality dependent. Out of season prices tend to rise due to demand, which is avoided with frozen food. Furthermore, it is easier to portion food with frozen products ensuring that the exact amount desired can be used per meal and then anything which isn’t used can remain frozen and in tact.

At the Big Prawn Company, we endeavour to make sure our products are frozen as soon after harvesting as possible; in order to maximise freshness, flavours, and texture giving you superior seafood. Our policy of care from catch to plate keeps our frozen seafood just as delicious as fresh, with all of our prawns are single frozen only. View our frozen range here


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