From The Pantry: Tinned Tuna

When shopping becomes difficult, you can usually find a tin of tuna in the back of the cupboard. Typically choices would be the classic tuna mayo sandwich or even a jacket potato, but there are some tasty dishes you can create with your tuna.

Tuna Nicoise Pasta Salad
tuna salad

Combine the infamous tuna nicoise salad with a pasta salad to make the perfect lunch to work from home with and get you through the day. The pasta provides vital energy and makes great use of other tins from the cupboard including olives and roasted pepper.

Tuna and Chilli Pasta

tuna pasta

Upgrade your pasta dish to an elevated dinner. Mix together simple ingredients for a powerful dish of garlic, tuna, chilli, capers, and fresh herbs. Bring together a squeeze of lemon and pasta water for an impressive and tasty dinner, ready in no time.

Spicy Tuna Fishcakes

tuna fishcake

Tuna is a great base for a tasty fishcake. Mix together a tin of tuna with mashed potato, breadcrumbs, and herbs to your liking. The meaty taste of tuna means it can stand up to strong flavours so be bold – try Thai style with chilli, coriander, and fish sauce. They’re perfect for dipping in some sweet chilli sauce and served with fresh salad.

Tuna Open Sandwich

The Tuna sandwich is a fond childhood favourite for many, so make it extra special with this adult version! Combine tinned tuna, lemon, red onion, and spring onion with crème fraiche, a little horseradish, and lots of black pepper together in a bowl and spread on toasted ciabatta. This is much like the ‘cupboard friendly’ version of a smoked mackerel pate.

Tuna Pizza

It might not be strictly authentic, but a Tuna pizza can be a tasty dish for the family. You can get everyone involved in choosing their favourite toppings, but we’ve called our favourite: Pizza Puttanesca. Marrying together spicy tomato sauce, parsley, onions, olives, and of course – tuna.

Being resourceful can be very helpful at times like these, so get digging the cupboard and find tasty recipes to suit.


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