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Cooking With The Good Stuff: Beer and Seafood

In her latest blog post for The Big Prawn Company, food blogger, Claire Partridge educates us on the excellent pairing of beer and seafood – keeping dads around the country happy this Father’s Day.

And here we go with today’s sweeping statement… Dads love beer. It’s a fact.   Now, I get the odd Dad might not drink that much of the stuff, other Dads might drink a lot of the stuff, Grandads might enjoy the really dark stuff and new dads might just be thankful for a few sips of the stuff, but the fact is, most Dads love a beer.

The market is growing, particularly in the craft beer space and did you know, Scotland alone has 115 craft breweries?? (A growth of 229% over 8 years!) Now, are our Dads drinking more, or could it be, that the smart cooks in the household are finding ways of incorporating beer into their cooking?!

Beer is actually a really versatile ingredient and can add a great depth of flavour to foodstuffs. I never make a steak pie without a bottle of beer in my gravy. However, today the focus is on seafood and I’m giving you 3 great ideas to incorporate beer into your dad’s Father’s Day feast this year… who knew beer was so versatile?

Beer Sauce King Prawns


Beer also makes a great base for a sauce. Just be sure to bring it to the boil to cook off the alcohol. Add diced onions and garlic to a pan and fry until softened. Add a tablespoon of tomato puree, a teaspoon of paprika and if you like spice, a little cayenne pepper to your liking. Mix together and add a big glug of beer to the pan (around a cupful) to make the sauce. Mix together and bring to the boil before adding de-shelled prawns. If it’s feeling a bit runny, add in some cornflour (made according to pack instructions) and cook through until prawns are ready and sauce is thickened. You could serve these as a main with some loaded fries or wedges, or on their own with cocktail sticks as an appetiser. Make sure to finish with some chopped coriander on top before serving, for that true restaurant experience! If you’re making this for someone who loves a bit of spice, try some extra chilli in there!

Beer Can Chicken Surf N Turf


If your Dad’s got some weird and wonderful cans of beer lying around that he’s not drinking – repurpose them! Take a large can of beer and use a can opener to cut the top off. Pour out half of the can into a glass and serve it to your Dad.   Make a rub for the chicken using your favourite blend of spices, or cheat and buy a premix rub. Cover the chicken in the rub (leave the skin on). Next – slightly undignified – but insert the half filled can into the cavity in the chicken, so it looks like the chicken is sat upright. Cook on a bbq for a minimum of 1h 20 mins for a small chicken, or until the meat is cooked through and the juices are clear (not pink). Rest for 20 mins before serving and whilst your chicken is resting, cook up some shell on king prawns to serve with the meat. It might not be traditional surf n turf but it’s certainly delicious!

Beer Battered Prawns


Take those homemade tempura prawns to the next level, by mixing beer into the batter mix. Instead of using water in your batter mix (there are many good batter recipes out there), swap in beer as your liquid of choice instead. It’s a great way to use up any leftover beer, or why not give Dad what’s left of the bottle once your batter is made? Top tip – be sure to let your batter sit before you use it. I usually make mine, then refrigerate it for half an hour before I coat the prawns. Also, please be careful when you’re deep frying your prawns. Hot oil is a hazard.

Written by Claire Partridge – alter ego What Claire Did – a 30 something blogger from Glasgow in Scotland who loves cooking, eating out and travel.


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