Cooking Prawns for a Crowd

Cooking for a crowd can be daunting, whether its 20 or 60. Many would think that cooking seafood would be far too difficult for a crowd, but use our top tips to discover how using prawns can be a guaranteed stress-free crowdpleaser!

Make Ahead Dishes

This bit of advice is very important. You don’t want to do all of your cooking right at the end when you don’t have lots of time. Trying to balance welcoming guests, getting drinks, as well as lots of cooking can be a recipe for disaster. Cooking prawn arancini might sound tricky, but with this recipe, you can make it days in advance and freeze them!

Don’t be Afraid to Cheat

Having a little help in the kitchen is no bad thing. Maybe no ordering everything or getting a chef in (not so good for the purse), but use pre-prepared ingredients where possible. These King Prawn Chilli Lettuce Cups use our pre-mixed King Prawn Cocktail with Sweet Chilli Mayonnaise! It’s just a matter of serving up.

Let Your Guests Serve

Buffet style serving is much more manageable than individual plated dishes. Also, this creates a great atmosphere for sharing food, trying new things, and its much easier for you as the host. A paella is the perfect ‘serve yourself’ dish for a dinner party. All you need is prepare a large dish and let everyone dig in.

Vary your temperatures

Try and create a variety of different dishes that are hot, warm, and cold. This is great for your guests to enjoy different things as well as making it easier for you as the host to prepare before. This prawn and mango salad is the perfect choice to prepare before so all you need to do is bring it out of the fridge later!

Unique Servings

Save on the washing up by creating delicious finger food for canapés. All you need are some napkins. If you wanted to upgrade this a little, try mini kebabs on cocktail sticks. These crispy prawns are a great crowd pleaser, plus you can even try with our interesting chocolate sauce for a dish that will get your guests talking.

Do you have a favourite crowd-pleaser seafood dish?


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