Danish Mussels

How we Clean our Danish Mussels

We source our high quality Mussels from Danish waters from the company Vislund Blue. These beautiful mussels go through a stringent process to ensure you only receive the best and sustainable produce.

Vislund Blue Mussels

This Limfjord fishery was the first mussel fishery to receive MSC certification. Furthermore, all boats supplying Vislund Blue are involved in this program. This certification ensures that we are ensuring a future of Danish mussels for generations to come.

About Limfjord

The Limfjord is in north Jutland, Denmark. The Fjord is approximately 10 km long, 30 metres deep, and can get up to 600 metres wide. The location is undeniably picturesque, with steep mountains framing the fjord. The reason that this water is ideal for our mussels and cockles, is because it’s partly brackish in the bay. This means that the water is saltier than fresh water, but not as salty as seawater.

Water Quality

The water quality is an aspect of the Mussel Fishery process that our suppliers are very particular about. This is because it gives the best mussels. The mussel fishery is divided into various areas with each of area individually tested every week. In order to test the quality of the water to the highest standards, the samples are sent for algae analysis at a third-party laboratory.

Cleaning the Mussels

There is an extremely modern cleaning facility on the harbour in Nykøbing Mors. This ensures that our mussels are washed, cleaned, and purified as soon as possible, keeping them fresh and delicious.

The first part of the process is transportation. There has recently been an initiation to replace the containers. Traditionally made from metal, many have started to rust, which isn’t a good environment for the mussels. Now, the replacement program includes plastic containers with a metal outer skeleton.

Once at the facility, the mussels are separated from the cockles and small mussels are filtered out. All small mussels and any rocks that are gathered are sent back to the Fjord with Vislund Blue’s ships.

During the stringent cleaning process, the mussels go through a de-bysing line. This procedure de-beards the mussels. This, if done by hand, can be Musselsawkward and fiddly. However, by doing this cleaning after catching, we make life much easier for you!

The mussels are then cooked at this point. There is a very particular method to the steam pressure-cooking of these mussels. This guarantees that the mussels are cooked to perfection, with no raw mussels sneaking onto the final stage.

All the mussels are inspected by up to 4 operators. When they get the go-ahead following inspection, they are glazed and weighed. All of The Big Prawn Mussels are put into cartons by hand and then labelled to give you the perfect product to enjoy!


Find the perfect dish using our mussels in our inspire section! This creamy mussel linguine is always a favourite!


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