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Caring For the Community in Sumatra

We source our sustainable Indonesian prawns from the Wachyuni Mandira farm. The facility is located in Sumatra’s southernmost region, the Lampung Province, where vast mangrove forests provide the ideal environment for prawn aquacultures. The aquaculture has been awarded the BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) certification by the GAA and the GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Life at Wachyuni Mandira

The farm is home to more than 16,000 people, with around 3,000 of them being farmers, 10,000 permanent workers and contractors, and the rest being employees’ families and people working in the community social hubs.

The company provides a number of benefits for its employees, such as housing, benefits to help sustain new families and free healthcare.

The three main social hubs built by the company are essential to the community, as they have been designed to provide housing, services, and entertainment. They feature schools for children and adults alike, medical facilities including two policlinics, shops, markets, and houses of worship.

On the farm, there are a number of sport facilities including football fields, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts. Dining halls and canteens are also available in the hubs to reinforce the sense of community and encourage the development of a thriving network of social relationships. Service providing businesses like barbers, tailors, bicycle workshops and electronic shops are also available to everyone on site.

The social hubs are connected to each other and the confining villages buy an extensive infrastructure and communication network put in place by the farm, including paved and regularly maintained roads, bridges, wharfs to allow easier waterway movements, transportation services and cell phone towers. The infrastructure network is not the only thing the Wachyuni Mandira farm has put in place to help improve the living conditions of the local communities though. The company provides medical help, scholarships, education aids and electricity to the four villages that border on the farm’s land.

Reforestation Effort

Aware of the vital role mangrove forests play in the local ecosystem, the company started a reforestation program in 1997 to conserve and nurture the environment in and around the farm. Thousands of fruit trees and mangroves have been planted since, significantly boosting the local environment and indirectly improving the quality of the aquacultures. Mangroves play a very important role in water and sediment filtering, while at the same time preventing coastal erosion and maintaining a high level of bio-diversity in the area.

The reforestation effort is part of the Environmental Management System in place at the farm to make sure the prawn farming operation has a minimal impact on the environment, caring for animal and wild life welfare, pollution levels and energy saving.

We choose our suppliers very carefully, with great care for the quality of their products, their compliance with sustainable and environmental safeguarding methods and last but not least, their business ethics towards their employees and the quality of life the provide for them.

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Our prawns are carefully farmed using sustainable methods with the highest standards of care for the environment and the community. To ensure the wellbeing of the prawns their natural diet is supplemented with feed that uses fish from sustainable resources.

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