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Back To School With Seafood

In this month’s column, Claire Partridge ponders the end of summer, the start of new adventures and how a childhood staple tastes even better when you’re all grown up.

So it feels official… Summer’s gone. The school kids in Scotland are well and truly back to school, the English kids follow suit this week and before long, we’ll be experiencing grown men and women sobbing down the motorway, in a Volvo packed with duvets and suitcases as they decant their offspring to halls of residence for the first time.

For many of Britain’s youngsters, who’ve possibly had their first taste of a barbequed prawn somewhere off the Majorcan/Greek/Cypriot (delete as appropriate) coast this summer, in between the other type of fish… the fishbowl cocktail, this time of year signals the start of not just a new season, but also a new adventure for many. Providing new opportunities to try their hand at cooking for the first time over a dodgy old hob with limited kitchen gadgets.

The point to all of this… seafood is actually a really affordable ingredient for those who’ve suddenly found the bank of Mum and Dad’s contributions or the student loan support doesn’t go as far as expected at the supermarket.

Freezer Friendly

Frozen seafood can be really affordable. Plus don’t forget to check out the reduced price sticker section in the supermarket. Most of the seafood you’ll find in there will be able to be frozen when you take it home if it wasn’t frozen previously.

1 ingredient, multiple meals

Small frozen prawns are a godsend. They go surprisingly far as you only Frozen Coldwater Prawnsneed use half a cup in each meal and they are versatile. Defrost overnight in the fridge, add in some low-cost mayonnaise, a bit of seasoning, then stuff in a sandwich and you’ve got yourself a tasty lunch to take to lectures.

Don’t forget about the other half of your prawns?   Pair them with some soy sauce, honey, frozen vegetables, and noodles. Flash fry in a wok and you’ve got yourself a tasty Chinese style stir fry that will help your bank account and body from the takeaway down the road. When fending for yourself, finding recipes that are quick, tasty, and nutritious will benefit you in the long run!

Or you could go wild and buy one of those massive 5kg bags of spiral pasta from the supermarket and spread the cost with your flatmates. Pasta is cheap, filling and can go up a level when you throw in some prawns, cherry tomatoes and the dregs of the previous night’s white wine.

Seafood on the go

Running between lectures, social engagements and being the President of the “When Did Freddo Chocolate Get So Expensive Society” means you might struggle to find the time to sit down and eat.The Big Prawn has food Prawns Sweet Chilli Dipto go prawns with a sweet chilli dip that is much more nutritious than that chocolate bar society you’re representing and the protein content will keep you fuller for longer.

The Big Prawn range also includes ready to cook dishes, so after a hard day of lectures, returning to the student flat that’s freezing (what student can afford heating?!) the clam and prawn chowder can be pulled straight from the freezer, cooked in the microwave (the student cook’s best friend) and is both a meal and a hand warmer. Value for money and leaves you enough money left over for you to indulge in…

The ultimate student seafood dinner

The fish finger sandwich. Ideally served at 2am, after a night making new friends at the Student Union, served on cheap white bread, with off-brand ketchup. No frills, but plenty of nostalgia, when you find yourself craving one a decade later from the comfort of the flat you can actually afford to heat.

Written by Claire Partridge – alter ego What Claire Did – a 30 year old blogger from Glasgow in Scotland who loves cooking, eating out and travel.


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