An Update on George The Orangutan

With the launch of our Big & Happy Tiger Prawns, Big Prawn has been supporting the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation in many ways, including the adoption of George The Orangutan.

George is still a member of Forest School Group 1 but is showing great progress. At 5 years old, he is smaller than others within his group, yet is very strong for his age. This is shown with his love of wrestling, both with the surrogate mothers and his human baby sitters.

George has also been working on his nest-building skills. He is very focused and serious when it comes to construction and his next task is to learn how to build nests high up in the trees. At the moment, George is rather selective with his trees and often choosing those close to the babysitter’s camp.

Our loveable orangutan has great instincts when it comes to foraging and is loving the wet-season forest fruits as well as digging up termite mounds.

The team at BOSF with George believe he is making good progress and will soon be able to catch up with his older peers at pre-release stage.

We can’t wait to hear more about George and his time at Forest School.

With every pack of our Big & Happy Tiger Prawns, 20p is donated to the BOSF to help protect the orangutans and other endangered species in Borneo. To find out more about what the BOSF do here


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