About The Big Prawn Company

The Big Prawn Company first started in 1995 with a vision to be bold and innovative in the seafood industry. This vision remains as strong today as it did back then. Located in Norfolk, we have continually challenged traditional perceptions of seafood by bringing innovation into every aspect of the business from catch to plate.

Underpinning our whole operation is an attitude and approach that focuses on care. Our passion for all things seafood takes The Big Prawn Company around the world, with the goal of bringing our customers products they can enjoy and trust.

We are proud to be the largest seafood briner in the UK; a leading procurer of crayfish tails in Europe; one of the fastest-growing organisations in Britain; and widely recognised as a forward-thinking and responsible company within the industry.

Delivering Excellence in Seafood

Our knowledge, expertise and love of seafood helps to drive our innovation in all areas of the industry. At Big Prawn we only strive for the best from sourcing to providing delicious products. We work hard to bring you quality seafood you can enjoy and at great value. We are delighted to have been recognised through many awards for our culinary innovation and creativity. The Big Prawn Company delivers ‘Excellence in Seafood’  in every aspect of our operation.