About The Shellfish Association of Great Britain

First founded as the Oyster Merchants’ and Planters’ Association in 1903, and renamed the Shellfish Association of Great Britain in 1969, the SAGB is the shellfish industry’s trade body in the UK.

Its membership is composed of shellfish farmers, fishermen, fishermen’s Associations, processors, commercial traders, retail companies including restaurants, and many organisations that work hard for the conservation and sustainability of our seafood.

Shellfish contribute nearly 50% of the total value of seafood landed into the UK vessels into the UK. Cultivated shellfish contribute an additional £38 million, from nearly 30,000 tonnes. It’s a growing industry, with more and more people consuming shellfish on a regular basis, which makes the work done by the SAGB all the more valuable.

The SAGB represents the views of shellfisheries, both wild-caught and cultivated, in debates with the Government. Their efforts are focused towards ensuring a more viable and sustainable future for UK shellfish operations, illustrating the health benefits of eating shellfish, bringing together buyers and sellers to facilitate the buying process, and sharing news and insight of the industry with the public.

The SAGB has also helps setting and maintaining incredibly high hygiene standards, participating in designing processes to ensure the best possible food security when it comes to shellfish in the UK.

The Big Prawn Company is very proud to be a member of the SAGB and work together on many projects together.


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