what to do with prawn mayo

5 Surprising Ways to Enjoy Prawn Cocktail

Prawn Cocktail is a British icon, albeit associated with 80s dinner parties. However, a ready-made tub of Prawn Cocktail is everyone’s best friend in the kitchen: its delicious, quick, and easy. We all know that you can use it in a wrap or a sandwich, but get inventive with some of these ideas.


Smorgastarta is a delicious and unique Swedish dish that it essentially a prawn sandwich cake. It is built up with layers of bread with creamy fillings of prawn, mayonnaise and also eggs and roe for serving decoration. It is served cold and cut as a dessert cake and is typical for celebrations. Use ready made prawn cocktail to make this special dish easy to make.

Prawn Surf & Turf Burger

what to do with prawn mayo

As we enter the glorious summer, its barbecue time! Mix up your burgers and hot dogs with the addition of prawn cocktail. It might sound bizarre initially, but we all love surf and turf, so use ready-made prawn cocktail as a topping to your burger.

Prawn Cocktail Melt

what to do with prawn mayo

Combine the classic prawn sandwich and cheese on toast for a scrumptious prawn cocktail melt. This is the perfect lunch pick-me-up. All it requires is spreading prawn cocktail on toast, sprinkling with cheese, and then grilling until the cheese has melted and is bubbling.

Prawn Pasta Salad

what to do with prawn mayo

Prawn pasta salad is the perfect way to use up your leftovers. If you have leftover cooked pasta, or freshly made, use salad vegetables from your fridge, prawn mayo, fresh herbs, and lemon. Mix it all together and you’ll have the perfect prawn prawn salad.

Prawn Mayo Sushi Roll

what to do with prawn mayo

If you love sushi and want to try making your own, using prawn cocktail can help! Use prawn mayonnaise as the filling, add some extra avocado and cucumber, and roll up! This will work with any sushi style you enjoy, from California rolls to wrapped in nori.


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