“They are naturally raised in mangrove forests using time honoured methods”


Farmed in the Cà Mau province of Vietnam these premium Tiger prawns are responsibly farmed with the wellbeing of the community, the prawns and the environment being of the utmost importance.


Our premium tiger prawns come from the Cà Mau province in south Vietnam. They are naturally raised in mangrove forests using time honoured traditional methods that rely solely on nature and the environment for their wellbeing. As a result our prawns are allowed to grow larger ensuring that they have a superior flavour and texture.


The Mangrove forests are maintained and preserved in order to provide habitat and food for the prawns that are raised in small channels and ponds within the forest. In these systems, prawns are raised with no feed or chemicals. The ecosystem fully relies on its own natural productivity, which creates incentives for farmers to maintain mangroves. The forest not only provides the shrimp with natural food, but also provides a better and more stable income for families and communities.


Prawns are high in vitamin E, a natural source of omega3 and selenium. Vitamin E contributes to cell protection and selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system.