“It is our ambition to deliver the greatest seafood ever…”


We select our Canadian Coldwater prawns for their firm, plump texture and great taste
and we consider these particular prawns to be the best in the market.


Our Peruvian Scallops are cultivated in a Nazca Bay on the Pacific coast just north of the town of Casma at the foot of Andes. An aquaculture site for over 1000 years, this volcanic location was formed during the Jurassic period and is an ideal location for the cultivation of these natural scallops which are carefully grown in lantern nets. Produced with a traditional respect for the environment and fishery, they are certified by the ASC so you know that they are fully sustainable.


Scallops are naturally high in Selenium and Iron. Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system and Iron contributes to the formation of normal red blood cells and an energy yielding metabolism. Scallops are also naturally low in fat so are a perfect ingredient to help you reinvigorating your good intentions.


Scallops are marine bivalve molluscs of the taxonomic family Pectinidae. They have historically been a treasured as a food source and are considered to be one of the great aphrodisiacs of the natural world. Their symmetrical shells have been appreciated for it’s aesthetic qualities and has become a symbol of fertility which has appeared in most art forms through the ages. Although they can be harvested from the wild, the fishing method is most commonly by dredging which can decimate the natural environment. Our scallops are farmed and harvested using lantern nets that have minimal environmental damage.