“Our mussels are fed by the Humbolt current that flows up from the Antarctic”


Our Chilean mussels are plump and juicy and are fed by the nutrients of the Humbolt current that sweeps up from the Antartic.


Our Blue mussels (Mytilus chilensis) are cultivated on hanging ropes in the storm sheltered bays of the beautiful Chilean Island of Chiloe in the South Pacific. The Humboldt current that sweeps up from Antarctica feeds these bays with a plentiful source of plankton and nutrients ensuring a superior mussel. Chilean mussel farming has a strong impact on the local economy, generating more than 12,000 jobs.


Chile is one of the largest producers of cultivated Blue mussels. The farms are located in areas close to natural Chilean mussel banks because the cultivation process relies on natural spafall which is the settling and attachment of young bivalves to cultivating ropes. Once the larvae reach a length of 1-3 cm they migrate to ‘ongrowing’ ropes which are hung at the beginning of summer. They are then left to grow to harvesting size of around 7cm which takes 10-12 months.


The mineral content of mussels is impressive, consuming 150g typically increases your selenium intake by over a 140 micrograms and your manganese intake by over 10 milligrams. This meets the recommended daily intake of these minerals. The selenium helps maintain a healthy immune function, and acts as an antioxidant.