“Our prawns are considered some of the best on the market”


King prawns (Peneaus Vannamei) and Tiger prawns (Peneaus monodon) are the comon names for what are termed ‘warm water’ prawns. They are most predominantley farmed from the warmer climates of climates of SE Asia & Soutern Asia, regions of the South America sub continent and Africa.


Our prawns are sourced from Indonesia. They start life in a hatchery on the very southern tip of Sumatra overlooking the volcanic island of Krakatoa in the Java straights.
Once hatched, the larvae are transferred to ‘tambaks’ or ponds along the fertile, volcanic grounds of Sumatra’s eastern coast just above the ‘Way Kambas’ National park.
These are the ideal conditions to ensure that we get the biggest, tastiest and deepest colour of all King prawns guaranteeing that only the best is good enough for our ‘Big& Juicy’ range of prawns


Our prawns are carefully farmed using sustainable methods with the highest standards of care for the environment and the community.
To ensure the wellbeing of the prawns their natural diet is supplemented with feed that uses fish from sustainable resources.


King and Tiger prawns are a high source of Selenium which contributes to the normal function of the immune system, they are also low in fat so are a perfect ingredient to reinvigorate your good intentions.
For the best results cook from defrost.
Place prawns in boiling water and cook for 1-2mins then quickly plunge in cold water to stop further cooking.
Ensure prawns are cooked through but avoid overcooking so that they stay moist. Alternatively stir-fry on gentle heat for 1-2mins until prawns have turned orange.