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It is our ambition to deliver the greatest seafood ever...

...now available online at Ocado as well as instore at Morrison's, Waitrose and Budgens, if you have not already tasted it, why not give it a go today?

To illustrate how versatile our shellfish can be, check out our recipe ideas for some mouth-watering inspiration!

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Here is our latest brochure containing all of our retail products.
Click the thumbnail on the left to see if there is anything that takes your fancy and then click on one of our retailers logos to see if you can order it online or if there is a shop near you.

Our Award Winners


These are are our two products that won the Prix d’Elite awards awards of this years Seafood Expo Global event in Brussels, they are ‘Crayfish Thermador Bakes’ which scooped the award for Best Retail Packaging and ‘Seafood Rarebit’ that took the prize for Best Convenience Product. This is the third year in a row that we have won prizes at the show.


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From a quick value snack to a whole Canadian lobster we have just what you are after with our comprehensive range of products.

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Luxurious shellfish designed to banish the snobbery around the frozen aisle and chilled seafood in all its naked finery. Show off at your dinner party or just treat yourself to Canadian lobster. Chilean mussels and Madagascan tiger prawns.

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From marinades to cocktails and seafood medleys, our largest and most varied range doesn’t apologise for being bold on flavour. Prepare your taste buds for a savoury sensation!

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Our snacks are created to keep you fuller for longer! From low calorie shellfish dips with sexy sauces and crunchy crisps to prime Atlantic cod with vinegar crumb coating, our snacks are the perfect antidote to those trouble-some hunger pangs.


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We act with care, sourcing our seafood from farms and fisheries which are well-managed to ensure the long term sustainable future of the fishery, its environment and, crucially, its community. It is really important to us that our customers don't pay a premium for buying products that 'give something back'.