EXPO15 Entries

EXPO15 Entries







Based on a traditional English meat pie, our ‘Seafood Picnic Pie’ consists of layers of salmon, King prawns and white fish bound in white wine fish jelly and covered in a hot water crust pastry. An ideal summer picnic or snacking product. Pack size 500g. Serves 4. Chilled

Two pastry cases filled with King prawns and topped with a blend of English cheddar cheese, mustard and mixed spices. Sold frozen for longer shelf life and customer convenience the tartets are pre constructed and ready to place straight in the oven for cooking.

Big&Tasty – Seafood Fondu.

Roast garlic and cheese topped crayfish tartlet. Pack size 240g. 2 individual snacks. Frozen.

Big&Tasty – Seafood Rarebit.

King Prawns with ‘Welsh Rarebit’ cheese topped tartlet. Pack size 240g. 2 individual snacks. Frozen

Twin Ramekin dishes filled with Crayfish tails in a creamy thermidor sauce with white wine, shallots and mustard, topped with a ciabatta ‘Grand Padano’ cheese breadcrumb. This is the perfect product for a convenient, quick, gourmet starter or super snack. Pack size 200g. Serves 2. Chilled

Two tumblers filled with layers of Prawn and Hot Smoked Salmon with a beetroot pickle base creating an attractive multi-layered appearance. This chilled product is ready to serve straight from the packaging they are ideal as a posh starter. Pack size 220g. Serves 2. Chilled

Urban dining is all the rage and our NEW ‘Street Food’ embraces this to perfection, capturing the delicious flavours of trendy urban and festival caterers, and delivering them to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.


Our ‘Street Food’ bhajis combine onions and crayfish bound together with chickpea flour and mixed spices and herbs. Packs size 250g. 10 individual bhajis. Frozen


Kachoris are traditional Indian style street snacks – Kachori is literally translated as flaky pastry – these crayfish and crab snacks pack a punch with aromatic spices. Be warned they are very moreish! Packs size 320g. 4 individual snacks. Frozen