Our Crayfish are predominantly wild caught by creel nets from inland waters of China.

The Crayfish species is Procambarus Clarkii, originally a native to America, is thought to have been unintentionally introduced to China in during the 1920 & 1930s when trading ships from America dropped their water ballast containing crayfish larvae the Yangtze river. Over the following years crayfish then moved west inland and colonised the large lakes in Jaingsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.

Commercial fishing and processing started about 20 years ago.


Because crayfish are not seen to be indigenous to China, the Chinese Government does not monitor and control fishing efforts. The industry does however enforce a minimum catch size. Small crayfish are thrown back from the creels. This is enforced by the factories having a minimum size specification below which the fishermen are not paid.


The environmental impact of the crayfish population is uncertain but because there are no indigenous crayfish in this area this species but without fishing the crayfish population would rapidly increase to epidemic proportions. The yearly catchment tonnage has remained constant over recent years with no indication of over fishing or declining stocks. Crayfish stocks are maintained by the use of a closed season and by use of a minimum catch size.


All factories supplying to the Big Prawn Company are visited on an annual basis prior to the start of the season and audited by our own technical department. All factories are audited and approved to BRC standard. slugCWP_Nuts