“All fishing areas are registered and supervised by CIQ”


Our Wild caught Chinese Crayfish are just that, they are not farmed and are not artificially fed. Our crayfish is sourced from
large freshwater lakes along the Yangtze River basin. These lakes are naturally replenished with fresh water from the Great Yangtze River
which ensures these lakes remain an excellent habitat for our crayfish.


The Crayfish species is Procambarus Clarkii, originally a native to America, is thought to have been unintentionally introduced to China in during the 1920 & 1930s when trading ships from America dropped their water ballast containing crayfish larvae the Yangtze river. Over the following years crayfish then moved west inland and colonised the large lakes in Jaingsu, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.


As an introduced specie, the red swamp crayfish is not indigenous to China. It’s an invasive specie and without natural predators the expansion of the crayfish distribution has been considerable.  Coupled with the fact that the environmental impact of the fishing methods is very low, this fishery can be considered sustainable.


Commercial fishing and processing started about 20 years ago. All Fisherman are required to hold valid permits (Fishing certificates are issued and annually validated by local fishery administration bureau). All fishing areas are registered and supervised by CIQ. Each year before the production, the factory shall report to CIQ all of the registered fishing areas that their crayfish will be coming from for that year.