mustardWe have taken our best selling ‘Crayfish with a Dijon and Dill sauce’ and improved the recipe to improve the taste! The origins of Dijon mustard date back to Roman times when they would take unfermented grape juice known as ‘must’ and mix it with the ground seeds of the ‘Sinapis’ plant to create a hot concoction ‘burning must’ and the latin for burning ‘ardens’ hence the word we now use in English today ‘mustard’. We hope that you feel that this new recipe has been adapted perfectly to complement this ever popular product.


cromer-boxBeing located in Norfolk we are really excited to have just launched a very local product, ‘Prepared Cromer Crab’.  These 500g crabs are one of the finest seafood products that the UK has to offer and being a being landed and processed just down the road ensures that the sweetness of the fresh caught crab remains until it is served. On sale in Waitrose now.