Big, juicy and frozen

Who knew the freezer aisle could give a dinner party the wow factor? Our Canadian lobster and Madagascan Tiger prawns are the stars of the show. Frozen soon after harvesting to maximise freshness, flavour and texture, our superior seafood products are in a class of their own.

Canadian Lobster

Caught in icy waters off the coast of Prince Edward Island in the North West Atlantic, these 420g lobsters have sweet and delicate taste.

Madagascan Tiger Prawns

These whole uncooked prawns are farmed in very low stocking densities to ensure a less stressed and better tasting prawn. Each 220g pack contains ten prawns ready to roar in the pan!

Cromer crabs

Landed off the North Norfolk coast and prepared in Cromer, these 550g Brown crabs are full of flavour and as local to us as you can get!

Delicious Clams

Cooked in a vacuum pouch to ensure they remain plump and juicy, our meaty molluscs come in 500g and 1kg packs and are sourced from an MSC approved fishery in Vietnam.

Seafood Medley

Brown crab claws, blue mussels, King prawns and Coldwater prawns are the four components of our 300g medley.

Available on request.

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